Saturday, October 17, 2009

WaPo Endorses Deeds

The Washington Post has an editorial today endorsing State Senator Creigh Deeds for Governor.

Money quote:
Mr. Deeds has run an enormous and possibly fatal political risk by saying bluntly that he would support legislation to raise new taxes dedicated to transportation. It is a risk that neither Mr. Kaine nor Mr. Warner felt they could take. But given that the state has raised no significant new cash for roads, rails and bridges in 23 years, Mr. Deeds's position is nothing more than common sense. It is fantasy to think that the transportation funding problem, a generation in the making, will be addressed without a tax increase. A recent manifesto from 17 major business groups in Northern Virginia, calling for new taxes dedicated to transportation, attests to that reality. (Emphasis mine)
You know, I don't like taxes either. Nobody does. They're a pain. But I do like having schools, bridges, roads, public safety services and a first-rate military to protect our country's borders. The money has to come from somewhere; since we all benefit from those things, we should all pay. And we should be highly suspicious of anyone who tells us we can have those things without paying for them.

The endorsement also touches on one of McDonnell's most ridiculous attacks: linking Deeds to legislation pending on Capitol Hill. The only thing more absurd than using Congress to scare people about a gubernatorial candidate is the fact that Deeds has let the other side get away with it for so long. Deeds camp, if you're reading this, it's time to call BS.

The conventional wisdom during the primary was that the WaPo endorsement helped pull Creigh across the finish line. Let's hope history repeats itself and this is the start of a momentum shift.

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