Friday, October 30, 2009

Va-05: Rees to Run as Third-Party Candidate

On his blog last night, Bradley Rees announced his intention to withdraw from the race for the Republican nomination to run against Congressman Perriello in 2010. He will instead run as a member of the Conservative Party, citing disillusionment with the GOP establishment. You may remember Rees being the first candidate to announce his candidacy against Tom. Money quote:

As such, it is my duty to announce that, as of today, I am withdrawing from consideration for the Republican nomination, so that I can devote my time, via my blog and my upcoming radio show, to exposing some of the charlatans and even outright liars who have corrupted the party I would have been proud to represent.

Starting in January, I intend to begin laying the groundwork and getting my support structure in place to run on the Virginia Conservative Party platform. It may amount to only drawing enough votes from the Republican candidate to ensure Tom Perriello a second term. If so, so be it. Maybe then, the party will understand that we are trying to save the GOP from its worst enemy: not the Democrats, but themselves.

Strong words from Mr. Rees. In light of recent events in NY-23, is this the new dynamic of the conservative movement? Are we seeing the birth of a new party? Should be an interesting one to watch. And no, I don't think Rees is to be taken lightly; from what I've seen, he's been a pretty serious campaigner. He also seems to have some support in the TEA Party movement, and they certainly have a strong presence here in the 5th.

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