Monday, March 23, 2009

McAuliffe on Uranium

Interesting tidbit over at Dem Bones today. Terry McAuliffe's (non-) stance on uranium mining in the Southside:
From the Danville Register and Bee:
Democrat Terry McAuliffe wouldn’t say whether he’d back uranium mining in Virginia as he expanded what he calls his business plan for the state.

... McAuliffe said he’d await the results of a study on health and environmental effects of the proposed mine near Chatham.

When asked whether Virginia Uranium Inc., which stands to make billions from mining, should pay for the study, McAuliffe had no objection to it.

He effectively punted here, but I haven't heard Moran or Deeds on the issue.
So there ya go. Yes, he completely dodged it, but so far McAuliffe's the only candidate I've heard talking about uranium mining at all. Bold prediction: he won't be the last.


Tyler Craddock said...

Sounds like he is keeping an open mind to me....

Hank Bostwick said...

May I cross post this on Star City Harbinger?

Max said...


Sure thing, just as long as you give credit to Dem Bones as well.