Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Met Jody Wagner Tonight

Jody Wagner's campaign came to the Ryan's Steakhouse in Martinsville this evening, and I got a chance to spend about an hour chatting with Jody and her campaign staffers. As of right now, I am not endorsing any of the LG candidates--I will probably roll out some endorsements at some point, but I want to hold off until I have more information about all of them.

Having said that, I found Jody to be an impressive candidate. She's knowledgeable, personable, well-spoken and engaged. Jim White over at What is Right for Virginia has a good post about the event, along with a dashing photograph of myself...well, "dashing" may be a strong word. 

In any case, I echo what Jim said: thanks for taking the time to sit down with us, Jody, and a special thanks for navigating Martinsville traffic on NASCAR race weekend.


Joel McDonald said...

Interesting. While I agree that Jody is somewhat friendly, I don't find her very politically engaging at all. I can't name off one thing that would prompt me to vote for her in the general election, other than the fact that she's a Democrat, and likely to be more progressive than Bolling. I say likely because she hasn't given me any reason to think that she actually is a progressive candidate.

For a position that can either be invisible, or a bully pulpit for progress; electing Jody Wagner would create an invisible Lt. Governor. Why her when we can have activist candidates like Mike Signer or Pat Edmonson?

Anonymous said...

Whatever, Joel. We've seen from other blogs that you're just shilling for Pat.