Thursday, March 12, 2009

Madoff Pleads Guilty

Well, Bernie Madoff pleaded guilty today to all eleven counts against him and was promptly carted away to the New York Metropolitan Correctional Center, where he rots like the worthless bloated sack of humanity he is. 

I don't want Madoff to go to prison. In prison, he'll have food and shelter for the rest of his life; this guy should lose absolutely everything. A much better punishment for Bernie Madoff would be to have every penny he owns taken away and given to his victims. Then he should be forced to take a minimum wage job at Wal-Mart and pay for a crappy apartment with bugs and a leaky roof. He should also be assigned a predatory loan that he can never possibly pay off. He should have to live on that for the rest of his life with no outside assistance whatsoever. The same thing should happen to everyone who colluded with him--I'm guessing that means his wife and sons as well.

Fun fact: for his next scheme, contraband! His cellmate has already turned a button and some string into moonshine and a whole pack of Marlboros! 

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