Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tom is a Rock Star at DPVA

A pair of videos began making their way around the blogs yesterday after the DPVA dinner in Staunton. In the films, Rep. Perriello is standing up in no uncertain terms for the middle class. Tom's speech, in two parts:

And part 2:

My favorite quote:
"It's not enough just to get the stock market up above 10,000 again, we've got to get those unemployment numbers down, we've got to take the bailout money that's coming back and reinvest it in a real jobs agenda."
The media betrays its cluelessness every time they refer to an uptick in the stock market as a sign of recovery. The fact is, the poor and middle class were struggling mightily long before reality caught up to Wall Street. There are plenty in Washington who haven't made that connection, but it's an enormous relief to know that Perriello gets it. Not only does he get it, but folks are starting to take notice, and I think it can only help him next year.

H/T: Left of the Hill, Blue Virginia

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Drew said...

I was at the event yesterday, and Tom was easily the best speaker. It was a great event.