Monday, December 7, 2009

New River Second Dirtiest in the Country

I had intended to blog about this last week, but life caught up with me. WDBJ in Roanoke ran a disturbing story about how the New River is apparently the second dirtiest waterway in the country. According to an Environment America study, the chief culprit is the Army ammunition plant in Radford, which is blamed for 13.6 million pounds of pollution entering the river in one year. Not to place all the blame on the ammunition plant, George Santucci of the National Committee on the New River says there are other large polluters along the river as well.

What's really scary about this is how many people use the New River for recreational purposes, either fishing or watersports. Moreover, how much of that pollution makes its way into other waterways, including our fisheries?

As a side note, it's truly depressing to read the comments on this story at the link above.

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