Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Music Tuesday: "Whose Authority" by Nada Surf

Wow, long time no blog. I blame the hectic Christmas schedule, along with Comcast's questionable internet connectivity. Anyway here's Music Monday, but on a Tuesday this time.

Here's Nada Surf's video for "Whose Authority," from their most recent album Lucky:

If the cyclist looks familiar, that's because it's actor Michael Maronna, who portrayed the elder Pete in Nickelodeon's Pete & Pete. He was also in an E*Trade commercial several years ago. At about the time Pete & Pete was coming to a close, Nada Surf released the Ric Ocasek-produced High/Low, containing their big hit "Popular." Following the Great Music Purge of 1998, wherein the NSync/Limp Bizkit military junta seized airwaves across the country, Nada Surf began a productive career on Barsuk Records. In addition to Lucky, I recommend their albums Let Go and The Weight is a Gift. They also put on a great show--I saw them at Charlottesville's now-defunct Starr Hill music hall in 2006.

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