Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stand Up For Virginia

Today marks two weeks since the GOP-controlled House of Delegates gave your tax dollars away to other states whose legislators actually want to help the people they represent. Interestingly enough, it's also two weeks since Bill Howell and Morgan Griffith handed the Democrats a giant election issue on a silver platter. 

If you're as frustrated as I am by last week's vote to reject stimulus funding and unemployment benefits for Virginians who need help, go check out the Stand Up for Virginia petition. I have also placed a link on the right of the screen. Tell the General Assembly that assistance for part-time workers who lose their jobs is absolutely crucial in a time where often a part-time job is the only thing workers can find. Just today, GSI Commerce announced it will close its call center in Martinsville, costing 279 more jobs--many of them hourly and part-time--in a city that already has 20.2% unemployment. 

Tell them to reverse their clueless decision or face the consequences in November.

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