Monday, April 13, 2009

The Badass Awards

Several things occurred in the last few days that have caused me to distribute what I refer to as the "Badass Awards." These accolades go to those individuals who have done something particularly, well, badass. Rather than define the term I'll provide a few examples; for instance: Doc Holliday as portrayed by Val Kilmer in Tombstone--"I'm your huckleberry." Or Jack Bauer...I don't care if it is a "Republican show," 24 is awesome. If you can see Jack Bauer, Jack Bauer can see you. And if you can't see Jack Bauer, you may be seconds away from death.

Anyway here goes:
  • Captain Richard Phillips. What more can really be said here? A hat tip also goes out to his crew, who stood up to pirates with AK's and retook their boat. 
  • The Navy Seals who popped the three pirates just as they were about to shoot Captain Phillips. I saw a documentary about Seals school one time...those guys are absolutely ridiculous. I'd never want to make one of them mad, but if push ever comes to shove, I'll be very glad those dudes are on our side. Talk about real-life Jack Bauers.
  • The guy in Botetourt County who stopped a crazed intruder trying to potentially harm his family. The family was sitting in the living room Friday night, when a would-be intruder started banging on the door and screaming, trying to get into the house. When the bad guy broke through the sliding-glass door and charged, the homeowner fired his weapon. He did what he had to do to protect himself and his family, and I would've done the same thing. The shooting is being called a justifiable homicide.
  • President Barack Obama. While Republican talking heads were predicting that the situation would end badly and end up embarrassing the administration, President Obama was busy proving that Dems can fight too--we just pick the right ones. I thought the president handled this situation exactly as he should have. Moreover, I think this should serve as a model for how the USA should conduct foreign policy in the future--avoid the use of force until it can no longer be avoided. That is, until American lives are at risk. When, and only when, there is absolutely no alternative to using force, have a plan, do it right the first time and resolve the situation before it becomes a quagmire. 
Anyway, I thought this would be a nice change of pace from the standard fare. I hope you enjoyed it.

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