Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Addressing the Uranium Hype

There was an excellent post over at Dem Bones on Monday regarding the uranium mining debate in Pittsylvania County. The text was written by a guest poster named Linda, who points out that uranium is not exactly a renewable resource that will promote energy independence. One of the many money quotes:
Outside of total depletion of land values with uranium mining, I've never met a rich miner, no matter the substance he or she was mining. So the question I would ask here is, "hugely profitable" to whom? As I mentioned previously, uranium prices are subject to fluctuation and have no historic bearing to help determine the actual price of yellowcake on the market. To state that yellowcake is a "potent source of local and state tax revenue" is making a promise based upon a theory.
I encourage you to head over and read the full post, particularly if you're following the mining issue. 


Drew said...

hey, thanks Max for this post. Linda did a great job, and the more people read her, and others, the better chances we have for winning this battle.

Linda said...

Hi Max - thank you for noticing my post on Drew's blog. I'm very happy to meet you, as the more people who speak the truth on uranium mining, perhaps the better chance we'll have at defeating this travesty.

I don't hesitate to state who I am, as this is not a private fight for me...I am the publisher of, and I've already made a stand against the mine there as well. Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you to help get the word out.