Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rome Burns, CBS Plugs a Movie

So I was watching the CBS evening news tonight and I noticed that one of their closing stories was a focus on that supremely important, relevant issue of life-and-death importance to the American public. I'm talking, of course, about the special effects advances that allow Brad Pitt to play an old man in the Paramount Pictures film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Yes, this was a "news" story. When I went to the CBS News website, I noticed that it was the top story and just had to comment.

Let me get this straight: In a time when the economy is going down in flames, the global balance of power appears to be shifting away from the U.S., the new congress is debating things that actually have relevance to our lives, there's genocide in Darfur, and there's war in the Middle East in which civilians are dying en masse, it's more important to plug a movie? This couldn't possibly have anything to do with CBS/Paramount's cozy relationship, and certainly the fact that they shared a corporate parent in Viacom is totally beside the point. 

Is it any wonder the corporate media is losing ground to blogs? 

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