Thursday, January 8, 2009

McAuliffe & Armstrong Have a Sleepover, Build Lego Fort

I came across this article in the Washington Post and I couldn't resist. Terry McAuliffe is coming to Martinsville and House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong has offered him a place to stay for the evening. They plan to discuss ways in which Terry's mythical fundraising abilities might help Democrats pick up House and Senate seats in the upcoming elections and, apparently, not talk about gubernatorial politics. Plus, Terry's bringing his Xbox and Ward has a sweet G.I. Joe collection! 

I actually think this is a very classy and statesmanlike move on the part of both men, given Armstrong's endorsement of Moran for Governor, but the thought of two state politicians having a sleepover just conjures up images that are too funny to ignore. And no, I don't think this means Ward is reconsidering who his support for Moran--if he were having second thoughts, I think he would have them in a less public way.

UPDATE: Bob McDonnell reports 3 a.m. prank call from someone looking for a "Mike Hunt."

UPDATE UPDATE: Danny Marshall's house got totally tee-peed!

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: Just got back from the McAuliffe town hall. Clearly they're BFF.


Drew said...

Brilliant. And I like how Craig and the electorate just now assume that McAullife loves the bottle.

Doug said...

May be your best post yet. i love the updates... heeeeeelarius.

Katie said...

Max, for this, you are my very favorite. :-)

JCWhite said...

It makes me want to SHOUT! Shades of animal House! LOL. Funny stuff Max!

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