Monday, January 5, 2009

McAuliffe is In

It was never really in doubt and I'm probably the 7,389th person to blog about his announcement, but Terry McAuliffe is officially running for governor: 

It seems to me that speculation around McAuliffe's candidacy had impacted the race long before this formal announcement, with Deeds and Moran picking up big endorsements much earlier than I would have expected. Now take Brian Moran's challenge this weekend for the candidates to refuse out-of-state money; a move some Democrats are already blasting, and I can't say I disagree. Out-of-state financing is not a winning message, as Virgil Goode learned in the congressional race and as Dem Bones notes here. Meanwhile, Creigh Deeds seems to be doing a good job of staying above the fray, as no news is apparently good news.

I will not endorse any of the candidates right now, but I will say that if McAuliffe really can raise $80 million as he claims, I think this video is proof he should invest in southern accent lessons if he wants to win past the primary. :)

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