Sunday, January 10, 2010

War Re-Enactment Turns Uncivil

Here's a lighthearted story for your Sunday afternoon. From the Charlottesville Daily Progress:

This time both sides won.
The Union and Confederate cavalry commanders who engaged in a horseback scuffle as they re-enacted the Battle of Stanardsville were found not guilty of reciprocal assault charges in Greene County General District Court on Wednesday.

During the scuffle, the Confederate commander, Doug Nalls, lost his hat and fired his revolver. At issue was whether the hat was knocked from his head by a blow from Joseph Ferguson, his Union counterpart; whether Nalls fired his gun deliberately; and which happened first.
Greene County Commonwealth’s Attorney Ronald Morris said he thought there was evidence to support assault charges against both men.
“What went on here went way beyond what was authorized,” he said.
What wasn’t in dispute was the bad blood between the two men, even before the battle began.
According to Confederate witnesses, the two had sparred verbally in the hours before the battle.

But here's the best part:

One re-enactor, Michael Kamei, testified that the Union commander used terms to the effect of “blaggard” and “knave.”

No, wait, this is the best part:

The Confederate colonel’s father, Wayne Nalls, testified that he waded into the fray on foot, to try to separate the men.
“And I told them both to shut up,” he said.

Basically, there's nothing about this that isn't hilarious.

1 comment: said...

I know both of these guys as I have riden with them...they both are idiots. Nalls tried to assault a fellow reenactor the past Aug (09) so this really doesn't come as any suprize.... Nalls did fire and it wasn't by mistake...those guns have to be cock to fire. As for Joe he really needs to be confined...they both have anger issues and can control themselves...they are a danger to the ANV and reencating