Monday, January 4, 2010

Music Monday: "Ghost of the Knoxville Girl" by Doug & Telisha Williams

The first Music Monday of 2010 has a local flavor, featuring Martinsville musicians (and my friends) Doug & Telisha Williams. From their recent album by the same name, here's "Ghost of the Knoxville Girl."

The song is an answer to the Louvin Brothers song "The Knoxville Girl." In that song, a woman is murdered by her jealous lover. This song is based on the idea that the woman's ghost has become a protector--she hangs around and exacts revenge on abusive husbands and boyfriends so that other women do not suffer her fate. It's a really creative and empowering idea for a song, and they pull it off expertly.

Doug & Telisha Williams are a husband-and-wife duo who have released three albums and tour relentlessly around the country. They're Martinsville natives who still live in the city, and they're very involved in revitalizing the area through the arts. Even their latest album was homegrown--it was recorded at nearby Snow Creek Sound with full instrumentation and backing from an impressive list of musicians. They've played a number of shows at Martinsville's Rives Theatre, including the most recent Jingle Bell Jamboree.

A quick Google search will show that The Ghost of the Knoxville Girl album has gotten quite a few props across the interwebs, and it's one I recommend highly. You can learn more about their music at their website. On top of all that, they're really cool people, so if you like what you saw, go check them out.

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