Sunday, February 15, 2009

GOP Chair Steele Kisses Talk Radio's Ring

So much for a new direction for the party. Funny clip from Glenn Beck's Fox show, wherein the new Republican chair Michael Steele pretty much apologizes for the party not being conservative enough during the stimulus debate--I can only guess it's in reference to the three moderate GOP senators who broke ranks and voted for the stimulus, as everyone else on that side of the aisle marched in lockstep with Eric Cantor. An exact quote: "You have absolutely no reason, none, to trust our word or our actions at this point." Wait for that one to be deployed liberally throughout the 2010 election.

If you're not familiar with Glenn Beck, he's slightly to the right of Attila the Hun. He's prone to vein-popping outbursts and makes Rush Limbaugh look like John Warner. Republican readers, to the extent that you value my opinion, I really think this is a big part of what's wrong with the GOP. Michael Steele leads the party of Lincoln and he's kissing the ring of some far-right egomaniac with a microphone who pitches tantrums when he doesn't get his way. If I were in Steele's shoes, I would be much more concerned with winning back the moderates who flocked to Obama than appealing to a fraction of the electorate. I understand holding onto the base, but there comes a point when he should be able to tell Glenn Beck what he can do with his ratings.

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