Friday, February 13, 2009

Follow-up: FDF Hacks Attack Perriello

Earlier this week I blogged on an incredibly distorted and misleading headline from the Franklin News-Post

At about that same time, an ad went up blasting Tom Perriello for voting in favor of the stimulus package. It's sponsored by Freedom's Defense Fund and plays like a sequel to the infamous New York Lawyer spot from before the election. It says he voted for "sexual diseases" and all sorts of other nefarious things--I guess trying to prevent STDs from spreading is somehow a vote for sexual diseases. Never mind that the stimulus bill would bring $8.5 million into struggling local schools that have faced layoffs in recent months; never mind that Tom co-sponsored a part of the stimulus that will provide tax credits for low-income students trying to go to college.

Dem Bones has a good perspective on it, and aznew has a good link at Blue Commonwealth. One thing's for sure--the 2010 campaign has already started, and they'll be coming after Tom with the same lies and distortions from before.

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