Saturday, December 13, 2008

Powell speaks sanity, Republicans convulse

Check out this blog post over at Colin Powell made news this past week  by speaking what many moderate Republicans seem to be thinking: Rush Limbaugh is a terrible spokesman for conservatism in general and the GOP in particular. The best part of the CNN story is the reaction by conservatives on their comments section--it's as if their patron saint has been blasphemed, and they're out for blood. They're calling Powell, among other things that I won't repeat here, a "RINO," or Republican in name only. They use the same term against McCain--music to your ears if you want Obama to win in 2012. 

This episode gives me an idea: why not enact a trading policy between the two parties, much like what has developed in professional sports? We could even have a draft day with lots of lights and press conferences. We'll take Powell in exchange for Judas Lieberman, and everyone will be happy! 


JCWhite said...

Excellent post Max, and an excellent point. When Powell endorsed Barack Obama shortly before the election the supporters of the Generally Obtuse Party went haywire.

Gen. Colin Powell (ret.) is a man worthy of respect regardless of political inclinations.

Drew said...

Keep an eye on the rookie Cao that just got elected in LA to replace the corrupt Jefferson in last week's special election. A social justice Catholic that probably won't tow the Republican party line on many things - and heck, he can't be that conservative to win one of the most Democratic districts in the whole country.

I think we will want to trade for him in the near future too.