Monday, December 22, 2008

Give Barry a Break, or, Why the Warren Pick Doesn't Bother Me

Dem Bones has a great perspective on the Warren pick, and I find myself agreeing with it. Basically, Drew notes that Obama is just being Obama--the bottom line is that he's including someone with whom he vehemently disagrees as a counter-example to what our politics has been for so long. 

Yes, of course I would prefer someone other than Rick Warren to pray at the most significant inauguration of my lifetime. But Obama isn't just our guy anymore. He's about to be president of the most diverse democracy in the world, and the coalition that elected him reflects that diversity. There's a lot to dislike about Rick Warren's stance on gay rights, but I truly believe dialogue is a big part of "change." If we only listen to people who think like we do, then we're no better than what we fought to replace. All of us, particularly in faith communities, have friends on the other side of this issue, so who knows--maybe Obama's gesture will open up some productive conversations.

I basically think we need to cut Obama some slack on this one. There are huge battles looming, and in the meantime we should enjoy what will almost certainly be remembered as a truly outstanding inaugural address. 

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Drew said...

You said it better that I ever could have.