Monday, May 25, 2009

All Good Things

Some of you have noticed the lack of updates recently, and I finally have a chance to explain. Sadly, it appears this blog will have to, at the very least, go on an extended hiatus.

I have taken a job in radio that requires me to be as nonpartisan as possible. For the sake of my own credibility in an on-air role and the reputation of our station locally, it just wouldn't be fair for me to take public stances about candidates or parties. Then there's also the practical matter of time--it's taken me nearly a month to get around to writing this short farewell post as my job has taken up more and more time. The blog will stay up for archiving purposes and, perhaps, an eventual comeback in some form or another.

I hate to do it, but for now, I'll have to sign off. It truly has been fun, and I hope to stay in touch with yall however possible. Thanks for reading, and I hope some of you will tune in to the show.

Thanks again,


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Anonymous Geologist said...

Thanks, Max, and good luck with the radio show!